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I really really like bad horror movies. I do very much. And there's this one movie called Hack! The intention was to poke fun of the genre and quote lines from all the best horror movies but... it becomes a cliche'd and bad horror movie itself. Even still, the whole movie is hilarious if you watch it with someone else. There's this one scene where... I don't remember what's going on to be honest, but the cliche'd jock guy is, tada!, making fun of the nerdy girl. And his insult? "She's got dog titties. DT DT DT hahahaha," and he makes this obscene gesture with his tongue. I just remember laughing in shock and confusion over the whole thing. 

My other favorite scary movie funny moment is in Cloverfield when they're in the subway tunnels walking around. And Hud, who in my view really was the star of the movie, makes the comment, "Hey hey this is the place where they were setting homeless people on fire!" And they all make him shut up, but he still comes back with the ingenious (and in my view very realistic comment because lets face it, we'd all say something like that in a bad situation) "I'M JUST SAYING. HOW SCARY WOULD IT BE A FLAMING HOMELESS MAN RAN OUT OF THE DARKNESS?" 

And finally: Funny for the wrong reason. Mirrors, based on a relatively old Korean movie, with Kiefer Sutherland. There's this moment of gold where he sees himself in the mirror and he gets set on fire. He falls to the ground, covered in flame, and as the camera slowly pans over him in real life, he's writhing on the ground in pain. But gasp! There's no fire now! He just *thinks* he's on fire cause he saw it in the mirror! But just seeing Kiefer writhing on the ground in pain even though he wasn't actually on fire... All I could think was "DON'T LET THE INVISIBLE FIRE BURN MY FRIEND," and images of Will Ferrel running around on a race track trying to get all his clothes off because he was 'on fire.' It was rather embarrassing though, being the only one in the theatre laughing till I was crying... when nothing inherently 'funny' happened. 


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